Is It Illegal To Sell A House With Asbestos

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  • Asbestos In The Home What You Need To Know

    No. Since December, , asbestos and all products containing asbestos have been banned throughout Australia. It is illegal to import, store, supply, sell, install, use or re use these materials..

  • Buying Or Selling A Home With Asbestos What You Need To

    If your home was built before it may contain some form of asbestos, which was used for purposes such as insulation for boilers and pipes or in siding or roofing material for many years. Many homeowners worry that buyers won't even look at a home that contains asbestos.

  • Asbestos Removal Asbestos Services Australia Sers

    Clear your building of asbestos and get your site up to code with our comprehensive asbestos removal services. SERS have been involved with the abatement of over one million square metres of asbestos throughout Australia. Our licensed asbestos assessors can identify, monitor, remove and manage any asbestos situation..

  • Asbestos Wikipedia

    Asbestos is a set of six naturally occurring silicate minerals, which all have in common their asbestiform habit i.e., long roughly aspect ratio , thin fibrous crystals, with each visible fiber composed of millions of microscopic "fibrils" that can be released by abrasion and other processes. The minerals are chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite, tremolite, anthophyllite, and actinolite..

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