How To Removing Screws From Asbestos

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  • Removing Screws From Asbestos Renovate Forum

    Just to close the loop on this. I had some asbestos pros come to remove some asbestos from another part of the house and when I asked them about removing screws brackets. They informed me that what i should do is use paper overalls, gloves, a respirator and some goggles. Remove the screw carefully and place in a zip lock bag and double bag it..

  • Diy Removal Asbestos Awareness

    Do not eat, drink or smoke in the work area as you may inhale or eat dust. Wash your hands and face with soap and water before meal breaks and when finished work for the day. Do not use power tools. Asbestos fibres can be released if power tools are used for anything other than the removal of screws..

  • Asbestos Exposure And Asbestos Tile Removaldid I Screw Up

    Asbestos exposure and asbestos tile removal. did I screw up and what is my next step? I am in the process of removing my old nasty carpet so I can lay down laminate wood flooring in my house. I started the project by ripping out all the old carpet and padding at which time I noticed there was vinyl tile underneath the carpet..

  • Flooring Backerboard Screws Asbestos Hometalk

    Not only removing the screws would disturb the asbestos layer but doing anything to the woody layer would also disturb the asbestos. I am going to assume that the original flooring being asbestos and the wood look layer was installed to encapsulate the asbestos layer rather than spend the money for removal then tiled over that..

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