How To Get Rid Of Asbestos In Your Lungs

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  • How To Clear Out Lungs Having Inhaled Asbestos Please Help

    I am fine, and just want to know if the lungs have the capability to clear asbestos, because I work in the building services industry and have gone to old buildings where workis taking place and asbestos could be present..

  • Is It Possible For The Body To Remove Asbestos Fibers From

    Mesothelioma, the type of asbestos disease that doesn't have a strong correlation between how many fibers you inhale, and the likelihood of getting the disease , because it affects the membrane linings mesothelium around the lungs and other body cavities, is much more strongly associated with exposure to the Amphibole forms of asbestos..

  • Ash How To Rid Your Body Of Fiberglass And Asbestos

  • Doc Sutter Removing Asbestos From The Lungs At Ask Dr

    Hi Doc Or anyone else who knows the answer , Do you know if it is possible to remove asbestos from the lungs, and if so how best to do it? There is no lung cancer, but apparently there has been exposure to asbestos which has cut down lung function to about . This question is not for myself, it is for someone else. Good Health to All of Us, Ladylove.

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