Asbestos Siding Covered With Vinyl

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  • Dealing With Asbestos Siding Cover Over Or Remove

    Unless asbestos siding is disturbed, it doesn't pose a significant health hazard and does not need to be removed. Both the EPA and the Vinyl Siding Institute recommend not disturbing asbestos if at all possible. Installing vinyl siding will require disturbing the asbestos by nailing into it. About Asbestos Siding.

  • Should You Install Vinyl Siding Over Asbestos Siding

    Vinyl Siding Over Asbestos Siding Protect your home by exercising caution. Although you may be tempted to simply cover vinyl siding over asbestos siding, consider that in doing so you may create an exposure hazard where none had existed before. If you discover damaged asbestos siding, do not undertake repair or removal on your own..

  • How To Cover Asbestos Siding Doityourself Com

  • Remodel Renovate Can Asbestos Siding Be Covered With

    You shouldn't cover asbestos with siding. You should have it removed then put in new siding. It's dangerous to leave it in. There are a lot of different asbestos removal companies you can hire or you can put the siding up over it. I would advise against putting siding up over asbestos. .

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