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    The general impression of asbestos has changed over time so that many people now wrongly assuming that it is a highly dangerous, toxic substance that must be immediately removed. Asbestos is only dangerous when cut, sawn, or broken into small enough pieces so that asbestos fibers are sent into the air..

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    Asbestos shingles are brittle, and you can't drive new screws and nails through them without drilling. This would trigger dust and asbestos dust is the problem. The approach of removing the old shingles and replacing them with new siding is an option that many homeowners have pursued, .

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    Asbestos is dangerous when it is disturbed and the small particles are breathed into the lungs. Left alone, as I understand it, there is no worry. Asbestos was very common prior to 's and with the siding on homes built in the early 's. Google asbestos for suggestions on what to do with it..

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